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Granite Monument Information
Granite tombstone manufacture process
Rock selection process You saw in the tomb the granite headstone is becomes by the natural granite manufacture. The natural granite is undergoes several billions year cooling by the volcanic rock to form. The world has many granite rock layers, therefore the world has the granite quarry. In these quarries, through method extraction bulk and so on drilling, demolition, saw granite blanks. The blank will ship the processing factory, makes each kind of different utilization material through cutting and polishing, like building material, furniture, granite tombstone stone. When serves as the memorial hall carves, the skilled craftsman and the artist using the modern technology for the personnel who is worth the memento create an artistic work. Designs and carves characters the process The granite tombstone's manufacture, is the first size which cuts the granite assigns and does the corresponding polishing treatment. In the majority situations, the carving surface needs to carry on the polish. An artist will design and the writing first engraves on the template which the rubber makes, then uses the pattern plate the bond smooth and level in the granite tombstone surface. These designs and the writing will usually be the carving home use boxcutter will carve on the template. Now, many companies use the computer to carry on carve characters, to provide are more accurate and a more effective service. Granite headstone carving process The worker sprays using the high pressure and the special sand through hose's spray nozzle to the granite on, sand-blasts carries on by a very high speed in the pressure environment the headstone surface the corrosion. The granite tombstone the surface which is covered by the grinding tool may obtain the very good protection. The design and the writing namely appear come out. The granite headstone carving completes from this, prepares to deliver!
Manufacturing Russian Style black granite monuments
Manufacturing Russian Style black granite monuments,tombstone,fences ,Vertical sites monuments, Horizontal monuments .The monument, engraved with a photograph, name, years of life and the epitaph - this is the last that remains after the person. Photos of missing personal belongings are lost, and after a few generations are disappearing, and memories. Granite monument to remain in its original form almost half a thousand years. Children, grandchildren, grandchildren and great-great-grandson will be able to arrive at the grave of their relatives, to bring flowers, remember. That is, the characters create a link between generations. JSC "Alishan Stone" has its own strong base for the production of monuments from granite, marble and other materials, which allows to keep low prices with high quality products. The four cemeteries are represented by granite shops and retail outlets the company.
Monuments occur in all shapes and sizes
Monuments occur in all shapes and sizes, and they memorialize everything from legendary people to great events and even eras. But they all have one thing in common: taken as a whole, monuments tell the story of mankind’s life on Earth. And that’s the beautiful thing about any individual monument: it connects the thing or person memorialized to all that has ever been in humanity.
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